Gloucester Triathlon
Gloucester Triathlon
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Streamline Events
Thanks to the incredible support from Mayor Carolyn Kirk and the many devoted followers of Streamline Events, we have been working hard to permit a triathlon in 2012 in Gloucester. You may recall that in 2009, Streamline brought over 800 triathletes to Gloucester. Late last year, Streamline was asked to come back to Gloucester to replicate and expand on the events success in 2009.
We were thrilled with the invitation in part of staging the event because we felt that Gloucester deserved a high quality event. A triathlon in Gloucester provides an exciting new race opportunity for Cape Anne, and, it showcases what Gloucester has to offer visitors bringing a major economic boost to Gloucester. The City of Gloucester and all of the department heads have been extremely supportive of the event. Unfortunately, however, over the last month it has become clear that we do not have the 100% support of the community that all events like this need, particularly from interest group(s) and parties that have been involved with the management of race(s) in Gloucester in the past.
As a result, and because we do not put on races that are not top-quality events with 100% community support, we feel it is in our best interest to cancel Streamline's plans to bring a triathlon back to Gloucester in 2012. We hope that at some point in the future we can bring the triathlon back to Gloucester with the full support of the community.
Here at Streamline Events, we are passionate about delivering events that promote an active living lifestyle and give back to the communities in which the events take place. If you would like to explore staging a high-quality, professional event in your community and be part of our exciting race series, please contact Bill Burnett at
Release date: March 7, 2012
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